April 14, 2023: MacsØs LIVE @ Princess Twin Cinemas

Host Allison Dyjach interviews local hip hop artist MacsØs ahead of the release of his new album "Better Days" coming out on April 15th. broadcast live from Princess Twin Cinemas in Uptown Waterloo. 


MacsØs is alternative hip hop from Kitchener, Ontario. He began his journey with his first guitar on his 7th birthday, a gift from his parents who supported his dreams since day one. With beginning in the local metal and punk scene, he managed to transpose the aggression of heavier music into his brand of hip hop, releasing his Mac the Martian EP in 2022. MacsØs drops his sophomore album on all platforms April 16th titled "Better Days" which reaches into deeper topics about substance abuse, misdiagnoses, and recovery. 


Saffron A (Reckless Driving), Dana K and the Remedy (Nuthin'), MacsØs (Gucci Fanny Pack), Mary Catherine Pazzano (I Can't Believe You're in Love With Me), and Amanda Braam. 

April 14, 2023: MacsØs LIVE @ Princess Twin Cinemas
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